National Organizations/Pet Medical Sites
American Animal Hospital Association:
American Veterinary Medical Association-Care for Pets:
This is a good general information site for all pet owners.
Includes poison control information
Healthy Pets:
A general information website from the American Animal Hospital Association.
An excellent veterinary medical website with an extensive library resource.
Humane Society of the United States:
Veterinary Cancer Society:
Pets With Diabetes:
American Heartworm Society
Companion Animal Parasite Council
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
General Pet-Related Sites
American Boarding Kennels Association:
Promotes animals helping people to improve health, independence and quality of life:
For those looking for a lost pet, or for a pet to adopt:
The American Dog Trainers Network:
A resource for dog training.
Basic Training:
How to Love Your Dog:
A children's guide to dog care.
Dog Fancy online magazine:
Dog breed information from the American Kennel Club:
Cat Fancier's Association: information on cat breeds, cat care and cat shows:
Cornell Feline Health Center:
An excellent site for feline medical information.
Feline Diabetes:
Cat Fancy online magazine:
Feline Asthma Information
Indoor Cat Initiative
Traveling With Your Pet
Heartworm Prevention & Flea Products
Sentinel, Interceptor & Capstar:
Advantage and Advantage Multi:
Pet identification systems (microchip implantation):
Invisible Fencing:
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