Annual Wellness Exam

Prevention is the key to keeping your pet healthy. As a part of prevention, we recommend that all pets have a complete Annual Wellness Exam (WE) at least once a year.  Because of the shorter lifespan and accelerated rate of aging of our pets, we encourage the wellness exam every six months.  The complete “nose-to-tail” WE along with selective laboratory testing helps detect many conditions early before becoming a serious illness. In the event health concerns are detected during the Wellness Exam, the veterinarian and staff at the FAN VET use state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of diseases and injuries.

The WE is a comprehensive exam. The veterinarian listens to your pet’s heart and lungs, evaluates vision, checks for unusual lumps, examines your pet’s teeth and oral cavity and checks your pet’s joints for swelling or stiffness. At the WE, the veterinarian recommends yearly intestinal parasite and heartworm testing and appropriate preventives against heartworms and other parasites. Vaccination protocols are customized to your pet’s individual needs. During the exam the veterinarian discusses with you any recommended procedures, such as dental cleanings or additional diagnostic testing for keeping your pet healthy.

The WE helps the veterinarian to get to know your pet on a one-on-one basis. The medical information obtained during an exam along with the knowledge you share about pet’s habits helps us develop a complete picture of your pet’s health. During the WE, your veterinarian will ask questions about your pet’s diet, lifestyle and behavior at home. Be prepared to talk about your pet.  The exam is a great opportunity for you to ask questions or share concerns that you have about your pet’s health care.

Start preventive medicine for your pet; make an appointment for a Wellness Exam.