The FAN VET maintains a fully-stocked on-site pharmacy for your convenience. We offer a wide range of medications to treat illnesses, as well as preventive medications to guard against heartworm and other parasites.

Our on-site pharmacy makes refilling your pet’s prescriptions easy. If your pet is taking a prescription prescribed by us within the last year and needs a re-fill, please call us. After consultation with the veterinarian, the prescription can usually be re-filled immediately.

To protect your pet, if we have not seen the pet within the last 12 months or this is a medication that your pet has not been previously prescribed, we will not be able to refill or prescribe the medication without first seeing your pet. Please schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to assist you after we examine you pet.

If we do not have the medications your pet needs in stock, we will gladly order it for you. Most medicines will arrive within 48 hours. To ensure accuracy and guarantee your prescription is ready and waiting for you at the front desk, please give us at least 4 hours to re-fill your prescription.

We also have prescription diets to aid in treating or managing certain diseases. Ask our veterinarian about prescription diets.