Dietary & Nutritional Counseling

At the FAN VET, our belief is better health and a better quality of life with proper nutrition. Yes, nutrition is important for your pet’s health. A 2009 study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found 45% of dogs and 58% of cats in the U. S. is overweight or obese. At the FAN VET, we will help you with diet recommendations based on your pet’s individual needs of age, weight, and activity level. We know a healthy weight is a good defense against weight-related diseases. Make an appointment to discuss your pet’s weight and diet plans.

In addition to proper nutrition for weight control, we carry therapeutic/ prescription diets to help treat a variety of health conditions. At the FAN VET, we work with you to select the food right for your pet’s medical needs. We use special diets from Purina Veterinary Diets, Hill’s Prescription Diets® and Waltham Veterinary Diets. These diets are specifically formulated with good taste to ensure your pets not only get the health benefits but enjoy these beneficial foods. A high quality diet promotes better health and a longer life in cats and dogs.

If we do not have the diet your pet needs in stock due to space, we can order any special diet from these lines to meet your pet’s needs.